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North Texas Sprinkler & Lawn care is owned and operated by a firefighter. We are honest, dependable, and take great pride in our work. We are licensed by the State of Texas for all Sprinkler repairs and installations. Due to the nature of sprinkler repairs, specialized equipment is sometimes needed to find buried or hidden valves, broken irrigation wiring, etc. We will have this equipment on our vehicle so your repair can be done as efficiently as possible, saving you both time and money. At North Texas Sprinkler & Lawn care, we are very good at what we do. Most repairs can be done in about an hour.
What makes us Distinctive

With the current drought conditions affecting our area, many of us are on Water Restrictions. This means that every time you water your lawn or landscape every drop needs to count. At North Texas Sprinkler and Lawn care we provide expert water audits. A water audit consists of us checking the entire system for leaks and making sure that all sprinkler heads are aligned correctly so that the plant material is being watered and not the street or sidewalk. However, irrigation auditing is substantially more scientific than just that. There are numerous factors that come into play when determining how much and how often to water. Here are a few:

1) What type of plant material is there?
2) What is the precipitation rate of each zone? (How much water does the sprinkler system deliver over a period of time?)
3) What is the historic evapotranspiration (The sum total of what the plant uses vs. what evaporates) in inches for that month?
4) What is the historic monthly rainfall in inches for that month?
5) What type of soil does the customer have?
6) What is the effective root depth of the plant material?
7) Is there a slope or is the area level?
8) Does this area receive full sun or is it shaded?

All of these factors affect properly scheduling a sprinkler\irrigation system. When we do an audit, we effectively answer all of these questions by scientific testing. We go so far as to even take a soil sample. We take all of this data and create a customized annual watering schedule for the customer based on science. In many instances, our customers find that they save a substantial amount off of their water bill.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Irrigator License# LI0019443

Proudly Serving: McKinney TX, Collin County and surrounding counties.
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McKinney Sprinkler Systems Installation: Protecting Your Green Investments

Having a beautiful lawn can mean hours of seeding, fertilizing, dethatching, mowing and watering. But not all lawn care needs to be back breaking and time consuming labor. This is especially true when it comes to watering. Professionally installed automatic sprinkler systems can help take some of the hard work out your lawn maintenance. Sprinkler systems help conserve water as keeps your lawn looking beautiful. A well planned sprinkler system will water the lawn and other specific areas, providing the correct amount of water just where it’s needed.

Quality sprinkler systems can mean the difference between an under or over watered lawn and one that’s lush and green year round. Of course it’s possible to install a sprinkler system yourself but there are a number of important factors that need to be considered if you want the system to work efficiently. The water requirements between your lawn and garden and even plant to plant can be very different. The best method of ensuring that your sprinkler system will keep your lawn and garden areas in top condition is to hire a reputable McKinney sprinkler systems installer.

The success or failure of your entire landscape can depend on the McKinney sprinkler systems company you choose to do the job. The layout and installation of your sprinkler system is important. Sprinkler systems include a precise arrangement of pipes, connections, sprinkler heads, all connected to an electrical timer. Installing the system takes skill, and often tools and equipment unique to the job. It’s probably going to be a lot easier to simply hire a qualified McKinney sprinkler systems installation company to handle it for you.

Your McKinney Sprinkler Systems Contractor Search

It may take a little work to locate the best McKinney sprinkler systems company, but it could make a difference in the quality of service and you could find yourself saving a lot of money on water bills with a system that works efficiently.

One of the most reliable ways of finding a McKinney sprinkler systems installer is by word of mouth. Talk with friends, family, co-workers, or anyone whose opinion you value. It’s possible they may know a good McKinney sprinkler systems contractor. You can also check out the yellow pages for a sprinkler systems installer. The phone book is still the first stop for many people when they need to find a product or service.

Today, most people know the best place to search for information is via the internet. This includes finding a qualified McKinney sprinkler systems contractor. The internet will provide you with much more information than either word of mouth or the phone book ever could. The internet can provide you with listings of sprinkler system contractors as well as help you become a more informed consumer.

Getting Estimates for a McKinney Sprinkler Systems Installation

After you have gathered a few names that look promising, it’s time to make a call to each McKinney sprinkler system contractor on your list and set up an appointment. The contractor will look at the layout of your property, the type of grass and other plant materials you have and determine soil conditions. He will also check the source of your water supply as well as water pressure. The contractor can then give you an estimate detailing the project, materials and installation.

Make certain that the McKinney sprinkler systems installation company has all the necessary licensing and insurance. All contractors should possess insurance, including personal liability, property damage coverage and worker's compensation. If the contractor doesn’t have insurance you could be liable if a worker is hurt while on your property or if your property is damaged you may not be able to recover for it financially.

You also need to ask the McKinney sprinkler systems installation contractor for references. Any reliable installer should gladly provide you with names of some of their customers. Talk to these references before making your final decision on any McKinney sprinkler systems contractor. Ask how their sprinkler system is working. Were there any problems during or after the job? Was the work done without any damage to the lawn or other vegetation? Most importantly are they happy with the system and would they recommend the McKinney sprinkler systems company to you?

Choosing the Best McKinney Sprinkler Systems Contractor for the Job

Once you’ve verified licenses and insurances and checked the references you can begin comparing your bids, feeling assured that your list now contains some of the best McKinney sprinkler systems installers available. Make certain that all your bids are based on the same scope of work and installation of similar sprinkler systems. The bid should include details of the process and the itemized costs of labor and materials. It should also include an estimated time for the completion of you system’s installation.

Remember that the lowest bid is not always the best one. You want to make sure you’re getting good value for the money you invest. You want a McKinney sprinkler systems company that can install the system with little impact on your existing lawn and other established vegetation. You also want to make sure the sprinklers will work properly and that there won’t be any underground leaks causing you to waste water and have to have the contractor return to redo the work. You might find some bids a little higher but it could be due to better materials or more exacting installation.

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money to make you lawn and garden areas look their best. If you take pride in doing much of the work yourself, you know how labor intensive that can be. By installing an automatic watering system you can eliminate at least a portion of the work, plus be assured that your lawn and other green areas are getting water just when they need it. No more manual watering with a hose and guessing at when you’ve used enough water. Why not let a qualified McKinney sprinkler systems installer help you protect your hard earned investment?
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